Welcome to the new Early Learning Centers website!
The Early Learning Centers of Lubbock provide high quality educational programs with hands on learning experiences. We believe the best care should be provided for your child regardless of your income or family situation. All fees are based on your family’s household income. For more information, please call 806-765-9981.

Now enrolling all ages!  
  All children deserve to have high
quality childcare.

Developmentally appropriate lesson plans.
Regular Developmental Assessments to let
you know how your child is doing.
Formula, baby food, breakfast, lunch and
snack provide at no additional price.           

No one pays more than $107 per
week for one child.

Fees are based on each families income.

Fees as low as $50 per week for one child!
Second and third child discounts available.
Full and part time care available.
unitedwaylogo We are a United Way Partner Agency. Lubbock Area United Way is driven by the commitment to make a real difference in the community we serve.