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2509 Elm Street
(806) 744-6726
Rita Gutierrez Director
Natalie Rios Assistant Director


Carver Early Learning Center is the oldest of the 5 Early Learning Centers. It was founded in the
early 1940’s by Mrs. Permilla Woods and as the center grew, it moved several times. In the early
1960’s, Carver built a permanent home at 2509 Elm Street, in the Chatman Hill neighborhood.
Carver ELC is licensed for 82 children, ages birth through school age.

1301 Vanda
(806) 765-0110
Sara Ziolkowski Director
Crystal Trevino Assistant Director

vanda1 vanda2

Vanda Early Learning Center is licensed for 160 children and they serve children ages birth
through school age. Vanda ELC has been in the present location, in East Lubbock, since 1979.


2714 Erskine Street
(806) 763-0535
Paula Perez Director
Lisa Moran Assistant Director

erskine1 erskine2

Erskine Early Learning Center is licensed for 160 children and they serve children ages birth
through school age.  Erskine ELC has been in the present location, in North Lubbock,  since 1984.

Erskine ELC also participates with LISD to have two ELC/LISD Pre-K rooms.  Erskine is the only
ELC that has two Pre-K classrooms; a three-year-old Pre-K class and a four-year-old Pre-K class.

New Directions
417 N. Akron
(806) 765-9126
Monica Pendgraft Director
Rose Mary Montelongo Assistant Director

New Directions Early Learning Center is a cooperative venture between the Early Learning Centers
and the Lubbock Independent School District to care for the children of teen parents.  The center
is licensed for 76 children ages birth to five years old.  The center operates on a schedule identical
to the LISD school calendar and is open to LISD students who have children.  LISD students may
choose to have their child attend New Directions ELC while they attend Mathews, Monterey,
Coronado, Lubbock, Estacado or any LISD Jr. High.  All food and baby formula is provided by ELC.

101 Avenue K
(806) 763-3777
Whitney McDaniel Director
Melissa Rangel Assistant Director

guadalupe1 guadalupe2

Guadalupe Early Learning Center is licensed for 110 children and cares for children ages birth through
school age.  The center is located next to the Catholic Family Services and is located in North Lubbock.

Guadalupe ELC is was recently awarded a certificate recognizing them as a "Texas School Ready"
center for the second time.  Through the TEEM program Guadalupe and LISD  educators prepared
the children for their entrance into public schools.  The children started Kindergarten with basic
understanding of upper and lower case letters and sounds, sight words, rhyming words, syllabication 
and alliteration.  Early Learning Centers Preschool staff team teach with an LISD certified teacher
the LISD Pre-K curriculum to about 18-20 children each day.

  Take children's books and writing materials with you whenever you leave home. This gives your child fun
activities to entertain and occupy him while traveling and going to the doctor's office or other appointments. –www2.ed.gov/parents