Here at Puttin’ on the Ritz, you will find a huge college of vintage style hats for men and women that reflect styles from the twenties and thirties. Try on a porkpie and look as dapper as ol’ Dean Martin or top it off with a fedora and become the spitting image of Blue Eyes himself, Frank Sinatra. The gals can try out a pillbox hat and be as sophisticate as Jacqueline Kennedy.


Frank Sinatra

"A man of style can't leave the home without a well taylored fedora. I look for a hat that can last the for years and the only joint that makes 'em sturdy and classy enough is Puttin' on the Ritz."


Jackie Kennedy

"A lady should always be aware of her appearance and feel good about herself. Puttin' on the Ritz pays attention to the details and never lets me leave without feeling satisfied with my newest hat."

Nat King Cole

"A good hat is a man's best accessory. It's a sign of class and good taste. I only trust Puttin' on the Ritz to complete my look."

Charlie Chaplin

"When a hat and facial hair are what define your image, you want the hat to be custom and The Ritz never lets me down."


Justin Timberlake

"If I'm going to bring sexy back, I'm going to bring back class too. A custom made fedora from Puttin' on the Ritz always completes the look."