Jaron Lanier Poster

Jaron Lanier Poster and Promo Card

Tabloid size poster for the Humanities Center's 2016 Lecture series, showcasing Jaron Zepel Lanier an American computer philosophy writer. He talked about his published ideas from the book "Who Owns the Future." The project included a business card zise promotional.

MVP identity mark

Military and Veterans Program Identity Mark

Colonel Dave Lewis requested an ideantity mark for the recently created MVP program (2010). The mark has been used for departamental itams like the t-shirt shown here.

Early Learning Centers of Lubbock

Early Learning Centers of Lubbock Website

A social awareness collaborative project between myself and students from the communication design program. Until recently you could still use the website at www.elclubbock.org but currently is under construction.
You can click on the image and still visit the sample site.

Anna Deavere Smith Poster

Anna Deavere Smith Poster and Invitation Postcard

Promotional material for a lecture/performance by actress and professor Anna Deavere Smith. The project also included T.V., newspaper, web banners, and an event program.


Ludoztli: Making "Social Comentary" Games

Learn about the three board games I created to raise awareness about the complex economic, social and cultural factors that shape the interactions of those living in the border between México and the United States.
Visit Ludoztli.com by clicking on the image.

The Factory Short Poster

The Factory Shorts Poster

Promotional poster for an animation show with work from students who took my ART 4358 Motion Graphics class.

Back to School Fiesta

Back to School Fiesta Identity Mark

The Back to School Fiesta is an open house annual event hosted by Texas Tech University in order to help local K-12 students and their families to prepare for the upcoming school year. The identity mark was placed on posters, t-shirts, bags, and coffee mugs.

Titans Promo Image

Titans: analogies on a city

Within 13 minutes of animation, "Titans" summarizes a decade of history about the situation in Ciudad Juárez.

If you want to see the trailer click on the image or visit fog-site.com/titans to view the complete animation.

Women and Global Cange

Women and Global Change Poster and Program

The Women's Studies Program comissioned me to design a poster for their 28th annual lecture series. The material included a tabloid size poster, a large banner, and two programs.

The Cat's Meow

The Cat's Meow: Lecture Paper

This presentation, created in collaboration with Dr. Ortega, discusses the unexplored phenomenon of dubbing in animation and gives a comprehensive structure for its study.

To dowload a PDF copy of the lecture paper: Click Here

The Short Duel Short

The Short Duel Short

A tiny animated melodrama that is filled with all the excitement that makes movies great. An unconventional confrontation is about to take place but all is paused by an authoritarian voice from beyond.

Click the image to see the short.

Outcome Evaluations Logo

Outcome Evaluations Identity Mark

Identity mark commissioned by Dr. Michelle Bair for her grant management and evaluation company.

Stilletos Logo

Stilettos Identity Mark

Identity mark commissioned by the Lubbock's Rape Crisis Center for their Annual "Dash for Cash: Walk a Mile in Her Shoes" fund raiser.

Humanities Center Newsletters

The Humanities Center Newsletters

Since Fall 2015, I've been designing the newsletters for the TTU Humanities Center. The design is limited to one tabloid-side folio and includes information about the center’s lecture series, the events it sponsors, as well as information regarding fellowships and other funding offers.

Tomorrow's Leaders Website

Tomorrow's Leaders Website

Tomorrow's Leaders is a non-profit ministry that helps mentor young boys and girls that have incarcerated parents. The website was a social awareness collaborative project between myself and students in the communication design program.

Many details have change since we turned it in to the coordinators. You can visit www.buildingstrongleaders.org, or click on the image.

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Rock, Paper, Scissors

When people play the game, lives are on the line. An animated mock-trailer that illustrates how dangerous the game can be.

To see the animation, click on the image.

Sun Seed


A sample exercise that I use to teach my students the initial steps to manipulate Adobe Flash, sound and video editing, and how to structure an animation.

To see the animation, click on the image.

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Intersections Poster

Promotional poster for the graduate class ART5340 in Animation and Plastic Arts. Fall 2015.