Since 2014, Drs. Francisco Ortega and Jorgelina Orfila have been collaborating in a series of projects that explore the intersections between animation and modern and contemporary art, and animation as a tool to promote wellbeing.

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Animation-Making Workshops

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The Animation-Making Workshops leverage the unique capabilities of a Research One art program to scientifically evaluate and validate the application of animation-making processes to a variety of target groups.

Working with experts and specialists in population-specific contexts, the workshop organizers form interdisciplinary teams and tailor their approach according to the scientific scholarship on the problems of the population addressed and to the participant’s needs.

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Animation Research Gang at SWPACA
Forum and network for people enthralled by all aspects of animation.

Created in 2019, ARG convenes at the SWPACA arg! logo (South West Popular American/Popular Culture Association) conference. ARG considers proposals that discuss a wide range of topics related to animation practice and theory and brings together animation scholars and practitioners, fans, and specialists from a diversity of disciplines whose research intersects with animation. ARG brings together people interested in creating new knowledge on the animations they love and study.

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Animation and Public Engagement Symposium 2019
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