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| Dr. Jorgelina Orfila

About the Animation Duo.

Jorgelina is Associate professor in 20th and 21st century Art History and Critical Theory at the School of Art, Texas Tech University. She earned undergraduate degrees in art history and museum studies in Argentina and was a Lampadia Fellow at the National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C. (1997-1999). She holds a Ph.D. in art history from the University of Maryland, College Park (2007). Jorgelina has authored articles on the historiography of Art History in the Interwar period and the Chester Dale Collection.

Francisco is Associate Professor in Graphic Design and Coordinator of the PhD Fine Arts program at the School of Art, Texas Tech University. He earned his BA and MA at the University of Texas, El Paso, and his PhD in Critical Studies and Artistic Practice at TTU (2008). A practicing artist and scholar, his interests include: Historical and Critical Perspectives in Animation, Game Design Theory and History, Graphic Design, and Interdisciplinarity in the Arts.

For five years they have been invested in exploring animation as an interdisciplinary area of study. They co-teach a unique transdisciplinary course that explores the intersections between art history and animation in the 20th and 21st centuries. Other than presenting their scholarship at conferences and publishing their research, Jorgelina and Francisco have organized workshops and roundtables on the topic.

In February 2019 they created an Animation Studies chapter at the Southwest Popular/American Culture Association Conference (SWPACA). They are also collaborating with the Burkhart Center for Autism Education & Research by developing animation workshops. This is an initial step for the establishment of a branch of HEART (Healing Education Animation Research Therapy) in the US: HEART Texas. HEART is an award-winning provision that was founded in the North East of England but has expanded to the East Midlands. HEART’s scholars and practitioners explore the benefits of using the animation process in therapeutic and educational contexts. HEART Texas will be the first HEART center outside the U.K.

Francisco and Jorgelina are working on a book length project that deals with animation and art history and are in the process of developing an Animation Studies Certificate in collaboration with faculty at the Theater and Music Schools, J.T. & Margaret Talkington College of Visual & Performing Arts, TTU.

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