Our Beginnings

Our story begins in 2010, when our owner Jake Powell wanted to bring a culture experience to restaurant dining. Jake, who is Deaf, wanted to bring the deaf culture to the people of Rochester, New York in a unique way. After going through culinary school he decided to open Deafine and hire and all Deaf crew in order to bring the culture and language to customers.


What makes Deafined unique is that we not only offer great tasting menu options, we also provide an environment in which our customers are able to receive and gain understanding about another culture that is otherwise overlooked and undervalued. Since all of our staff are Deaf in order to communicate you can use sign language, write things down, or even point to what you are wanting to communicate. We provide a sheet that has the fingerspelling of letters in ASL along with basic signs that can be used to communicate.



While we offer traditional bar and grill food the difference that Deafine provides is, our food is 100% natural and locally produced, so our customers know they are getting the best food possible. We have everything from burgers, wings, chicken, and drinks. Our most popular food items are our burgers and wings, while they might look like normal burgers and wings they aren’t due to our own unique sauce blend. We make our sauces from scratch and it is our own very secret resipe, if you love our sauces you can purchase a bottle to take home with you.