New sessions start January 18, 2020

as Therapeutic Practice

What: Animation-Making Workshops
Where: Burkhart Center
When: Saturdays (12 - 1.30pm)


Drs. Francisco Ortega and Jorgelina Orfila (School of Art, TTU) offer workshops in stop-motion animation at the Burkhart Center for young participants diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Research has shown exercising creativity supports children’s and teenager’s emotional and cognitive development. Animation, particularly character animation, serves as a conduit for empathy and emotional connection in people with ASD.

All participants will be trained in the technique of stop-motion animation using industry-standard tools and techniques. The program consists of twelve (12), 90-minute sessions, held once a week on Saturday. Each participant will be paired with an assistant from our research team who will explain the goals of each daily exercise and offer technical support.

Image of Melissa and Jose
Graduate Researchers and Assistants: Melissa Kimball & Jose Ardivilla

Throughout the semester, we follow these steps:

  1. Participants become acquainted with animation materials and equipment

  2. Participants learn and practice timing, sequencing and movement, and sound-image synchronization

  3. Participants develop their own story and create a storyboard

  4. Participants produce a short -1 minute- animation


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If interested in exploring stop-motion animation, please contact Dr. Francisco Ortega ::

** All workshops are FREE of charge, and all required technical equipment and materials are provided for each participant. **

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